ITTS Past Membership

Membership - The current membership list includes: Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Governing Structure

Advisory Members

ITTS Staff


Governing Structure

The ITTS governing structure will consist of the following:

a.   A Board of Directors comprised of CEOs of the state transportation departments of the member states and an ex-officio member appointed by the Secretary of the US Department of Transportation;

b.    An Advisory Council comprised of staff from member departments, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Transportation Research Board (TRB), industry and others. The Advisory council will be responsible for developing an annual work plan for the Institute.


Board Members

President, Shawn Wilson, Secretary, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Vice President, Melinda McGrath, Executive Director, Mississippi Department of Transportation

Scott Bennett, Director, Arkansas Department of Transportation

Michael J. Dew, Secretary, Florida Department of Transportation

Russell McMurry, P.E., Commissioner, Georgia Department of Transportation

Greg Thomas, Secretary, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Patrick McKenna, Director, Missouri Department of Transportation

Shannon Valentine, Secretary of Transportation, Virginia Department of Transportation

Thomas J. Smith, Commissioner of Highways, Secretary, West Virginia Department of Transportation



Advisory Members

Jessie Jones, Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department

Gerard O’Rourke, State Public Transportation and Modal Administrator, Florida Department of Transportation

Tom McQueen, Asst. Administrator, Office of Planning, Georgia Department of Transportation

Jeremey Edgeworth, Freight, Rail and Waterways Coordinator, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Eric Kalivoda, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Jeff Ely, Mississippi Department of Transportation       

Cheryl Ball, Missouri Department of Transportation

Marsha Fiol, State Transportation Planner, Virginia Department of Transportation

Elwood Penn, West Virginia Department of Transportation




ITTS Staff


Bruce Lambert, Executive Director

Mr. Lambert serves as the Executive Director, Institute for Trade and Transportation Studies. ITTS is a multistate research institution formed to assist member states on understanding the relationship of transportation needs to international and commercial traffic.

Mr. Lambert has worked for various firms researching trade and transportation activities. At the Corps of Engineers, Mr. Lambert worked on general maritime policy and planning, while also serving as the Secretary to the U.S. Section of the International Navigation Association (PIANC), and worked on technology exchanges with the Latin American maritime community. Prior to joining the USACE, Mr. Lambert worked at the Federal Highway Administration. Mr. Lambert managed the Freight Analysis Framework study; the first large-scale project to map and outline the underlying transportation flows of the United States economy for national and regional policy research. In addition, Mr. Lambert developed performance measures for trucking movements on the interstate system. For his efforts, Mr. Lambert received the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Award of Meritorious Achievement in 2004. Before joining FHWA, Mr. Lambert worked as a Senior Economist at Standard and Poor’s DRI (now IHS Global Insight), where he examined global maritime shipments and international trade forecasts. Mr. Lambert spent six years at the Port of Long Beach as the Port’s Trade Analyst, conducting market research for senior management. Mr. Lambert also spent a year at LSU as a researcher studying the importation of Latin American produce into the Gulf South.

After receiving a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Louisiana State University, Mr. Lambert earned a Master’s of Science Degree from the University of Tennessee.


Judy Toups

Executive Assistant