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Vol. 10. Issue 3 June 2018. Update on Freight in the Southeast Conference at FreightWeekStL,a webinar on the Louisiana Supply Chain Transportation Council, a working paper on Scott County Missouri, and a few other notes about ITTS. .

Vol. 10. Issue 2 April 2018. Update on FreightWeek St. Louis, discussion on Working Paper 11 on Connected Trucks, the SHIFT and FEAT Models, as well as a discussion Florida DOT's backhaul study.

Vol. 10. Issue 1 January 2018. Announcement of the 2018 Freight in the Southeast Conference


Vol. 9. Issue 7 November 2017. Working Paper 10 Peer Meeting Focusing on Domestic Ports and Waterways." The Lambert's Lagniappe is about the responding to weather events, which has been an ongoing topic in the aftermath of this year's hurricanes.

Vol. 9. Issue 6 September 2017. Working Paper 7- "Summary of Data Integration Work in Tableau and Smart Rivers." The Lambert's Lagniappe is about the "Answerer". I also include short write-ups on other Working Papers about planning for a freight advisory council meeting (WP 9) and the annual Freight in the Southeast Conference (WP 8).

Vol. 9. Issue 5 August 2017. Working Paper 6 - "Industry Significance of 3D Printing to Transportation Logistics, Traffic Activities, Planning and Asset Management," ITTS training videos, and an editorial on the solar eclipse.

              (You can also see the presentation and hear the ITTS webinar with the authors on this paper from December 2016.)

Vol. 9. Issue 4 June/July 2017. The ITTS Freight in the Southeast Conference Summary and my thoughts on getting lost without a GPS.

Vol. 9. Issue 3 May 2017. A short newsletter highlighting NAFTA trade flows, as well as my thoughts on the future of transportation.

Vol. 9. Issue 2 March 2017. The newsletter discusses how most of my work of late has centered on the ITTS Freight in the Southeast Conference, and training for projects like the Southern Highway Interactive Freight Traffic (SHIFT) and the Freight Economic Analysis Tool (FEAT). The Lambert's Lagniappe discusses some thoughts on the pleasure of driving an autonomous car.

Vol. 9. Issue 1 January 2017. Update on the Freight in the Southeast Conference, Summary of the Working paper on "The Immediate Effect of the Panama Canal Expansion" and the Working Paper on "Truck Parking." Here is a link to the FAF presentation I referenced in the editorial.



Vol 8. Fourth Quarter. We are moving to a new program, so the newsletter is available here. Articles include a discussion on the U.S.-Cuba Trade, introducing Judy Toups as the Administrative Assistant, and the announcement of the 2017 Freight in the Southeast Conference.

Vol. 8. Issue 1. May 2016. Update on the ITTS Freight in the Southeast Conference, trade with Cuba, Transportation Services Index, and an editorial on system disruptions.



Vol. 7. Issue 2. December 2015. The TPP Agreement, Temperature Controlled Cargos, Truck Guidebooks, and the ITTS 2016 Conference.

Vol. 7. Issue 1. February 2015. Trade with the CAFTA-DR, The VIUS Survey, as well as the Missouri State Freight Plan.



Vol 6. Issue 6. December 2014.The 2012 Commodity Flow Survey has been released, Lambert's Lagniappe - "The Future Will Arrive", Applications are available for I-95 Corridor Coalition Freight Academy, Top Truck Bottlenecks in the Southeast, 2013, Trade Profile - US-Cuba.

Vol 6. Issue 5. November 2014. Florida's Automated Vehicle Summit, Update on State Webpage - Trade Data, Lambert's Lagniappe, "Spider Webs and Networks", What is...OmniChannel Distribution? Trade Profile -"U.S. Russia Embargo".

Vol 6. Issue 4. August 2014. Lambert's Lagniappe, "Fixing Potholes", The Importance of Water Transportation in the ITTS Region, What is...Cargo Dimensions? Trade Profile -"What is An International Shipper?"

Vol 6. Issue 3. April 2014. ITTS Freight Conference Summary, What is...DOT-111 Tank Car? Lambert's Lagniappe "Highway Safety", Trade Profile - NAFTA, 20 years later, PIANC annual meeting.

Vol 6. Issue 2. February 2014. ITTS Freight Conference Agenda, Lambert's Lagniappe "Groundhog's Day Shirt", What is US-flagged Carrier? State Trade Statics for 2013, Update on the ITTS Conference and the upcoming NHI course.

Vol 6. Issue 1. January 2014. ITTS Freight Conference Agenda, Lambert's Lagniappe "A Planet Money T-Shirt", What is Commodity Flow Survey?, Cotton Exports, State and other updates.


Vol 5. Issue 7. November 2013. Missouri Joins ITTS, Announcing the ITTS 2014 Freight in the Southeast Conference, What are Vessel Sharing Agreements? Toy Imports, Lambert's Lagniappe - Christmas Singularity .

Vol 5. Issue 6. September 2013. (pdf 536 kb) Airports and Waterways in the Southeast, What are Maritime Pilots? Mexican Reshoring, Lambert's Lagniappe - Alice in Wonderland and Performance Measures.

Vol 5. Issue 5. August 2013. (pdf 563 kb) Role of International Maritime Trade to the U.,S. Economy, Trade Profile - Coffee, What Is... Ton Miles? Lambert's Lagniappe (Drunks and Statistics!).

Vol 5. Issue 4. June 2013. (pdf 481 kb) Trade Profile - the Levant, Lambert's Lagniappe (Family Vacation?), What is "Dwell Time?" Manufacturing in the Southeast.

Vol 5. Issue 3. April 2013. (pdf 192 kb) Conference Summary, Trade Profile - Exports from Southeast States through Maritime Ports, Lambert's Lagniappe (Girl Scout cookies), What is "Location Quotient"?

Vol 5. Issue 2. March 2013. (pdf 797 kb) Updating State export and gateway PowerPoint slides, Trade Profile - Exports from Southeast States, Lambert's Lagniappe (Scuffy the Tugboat and Freight Rivers), Georgia State Rail Plan, What is "Force Majeure"?

Vol 5. Issue 1. January 2013. (pdf - 1.13 mb) Trade Profile - Cut Flowers, Lambert's Lagniappe (New Year's Resolutions), Florida DOT is recognized for work on freight issues, TWIC Cards.



Vol. 4. Issue 7. December 2012. (pdf - 597 kb) Coal Exports, What is... National Economic Development Estimates? Trade Profile: Mississippi River Exports.

Vol. 4. Issue 6. October 2012. (pdf - 1711 kb) What Is... Jason's Law? ITTS Conference in 2013, Update on State Gateway Charts, Heartland Intermodal Gateway- Prichard Terminal.

Vol. 4. Issue 5. August 2012. (pdf - 1989 kb) What Is... Paper Ramp? Trade Profile: Trade with Europe, Update on ITTS Website upgrade.

Vol. 4. Issue 4. June 2012. (pdf - 326kb) What Is... STEM Jobs? Trade Profile Agricultural Shipments from the Southeast, Public and Private Sector spending on Transportation.

Vol 4. Issue 3. April 2012. (pdf - 444kb)

Topics: Freight in the Southeast Conference Summary, What is.. Dunnage? Trade with Haiti, Exports from the Southeast, USACE Listening Session, Conference update: Diagnosing the Marine Transportation
System: Measuring Performance and Targeting Improvement.

Vol 4. Issue 2. March 2012. (pdf - 400kb)

Topics: Freight Dependence in the Southeast, Working with Mid America Freight Coalition, 2011 Conference Summary.

Vol 4. Issue 1. January 2012. (pdf - 433kb)

Topics: ITTS Conference, Trade with North Korea, Discussion on State Economic Rankings, What is ...Longshoremen/Stevedore?



Vol. 3. Issue 7. November, 2011. (pdf - 323 kb)

Topics: Trade Agreements with Colombia, Panama, South Korea. What is... Bonded Warehouse?

Vol. 3. Issue 6. September, 2011. (pdf - 1.0 mb)

Topics: Discussed exports from Region and new charts on state exporters, What is ...National Transportation Safety Board?

Vol. 3. Issue 5. August, 2011. (pdf - 1.0 mb)

Topics: Exports from Southeastern States for first six months, Trade Profile-Italy, What is... Food for Peace Program?

Vol. 3. Issue 4. July, 2011. (pdf - 387 kb)

Topics: Economic Development and Intermodal Terminals, Trade Profile-Canada, What is a Dryport?

Vol. 3. Issue 3. April/May. (pdf - 779 kb)

Topics: Exports from Each ITTS State, Gateway Traffic, Trade with Japan, Maritime Containers Lost at Sea, Shipper Export Declarations.

Vol. 3. Issue 2. March. (pdf- 244 kb)

Topics: ITTS Conference-Another Success!, Exports from the Southeast Rebound from 2009, Trade with Libya.

Vol. 3. Issue 1, January ,February. (pdf file-293 kb)

Topics: ITTS Conference, The Year in Review, Trade with the Republic of South Korea, Liner Trades.



Vol 2. Issue 11, December Newsletter. (pdf file - 342kb)

Topics: Forecast of Freight in the ITTS Region, Trade with the United Kingdom, LandLord port.

Vol 2. Issue 10, November Newsletter. (pdf file -928 kb)

Topics: ITTS Freight in the Southeast Conference, Trade with India, Terminal Operations.

Vol 2. Issue 8/9 September/October Newsletter. (pdf file - 286 kb)

Topics: Heartland Intermodal Corridor Tour, Trade with China, Private Truck Fleet Operations, PIANC Report on "Performance Indicators for Inland Waterways Transport".

Vol 2. Issue 7. August 2010 Newsletter. (pdf file - 242kb)

Topics: ITTS Conference announcement, ISO containers, Trade with Mexico, Conference Announcements for Smartrivers and Dryports.

Vol 2. Issue 6. July 2010 Newsletter. (pdf file - 612 kb)

Topics: Foreign Direct Investment in the Southeast, The Inland Waterway Trust Fund, Report on Southern Policy Growth Auto Conference, Trade with South Africa.

Vol. 2. Issue 5, June 2010 Newsletter. (pdf file -699 kb)

Topics: Deepwater Horizon, Bunker Fuels, State Exports by Metropolitan Statistical Area, Trade with Columbia.

Vol. 2. Issue 4, April 2010 Newsletter (pdf file - 812 kb)

Topics: State Exports, Trade with Russia Federation, Hopper Dredge.

Vol. 2. Issue 3, March 2010 Newsletter. (pdf file - 354 kb)

Topics: International Trade Patterns in the Southeast, A Foreign Trade Zones,Truck Bottlenecks in the

Southeastern U.S., Trade with Chile.

Vol 2. Issue 2., February 2010 Newsletter. (pdf file - 311 kb)

Topics: Conference Recap, Haitian Trade, Drayage.


Number 12, December Newsletter. (pdf file - 278 kb)

Topics: Conference Announcement, Trade with Brazil, Appalachian Regional Commission, General Average.

Number 11, November Newsletter. (pdf file - 278 kb)

Topics: Conference Announcement on Freight in the Southeast –“Moving Our Region’s Business”, Dwell Time, ECLAC Division of Natural Resources and Infrastructure, Infrastructure and Transportation Unit.

Number 10, October Newsletter. (pdf file - 200 kb)

Topics: Smartrivers Conference, Panama Canal Visit, ITTS Partner: World Trade Centers, Port Shopping.

Number 9, August/September Newsletter. (pdf file - 286 kb)

Topics: Transportation and The Economic Recovery: Where the Rubber Meets the Road, Post Panamax Vessels, ITTS Partner The Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA).

Number 8, July 2009 Newsletter. (pdf file - 314 kb)

Topics: Forecasted Trade in the ITTS Region, the Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy (PACE), Container Contracts.

Number 7, June 2009 Newsletter. (pdf file - 286 kb)

Topics: Heavier Trucks on the Nation’s Highways? Cabotage, PIANC USA.

Number 6, May 2009 Newsletter. (pdf file - 314 kb)

Topics: The Alliance Region and Total U.S. Trade, The Baltic Exchange, I-95 Corridor Coalition’s Multi-State Analysis Tool.

Number 5, April 2009 Newsletter. (pdf file - 232 kb)

Topics: Average Truck Speeds Along the I-10 Corridor, Reefer Cargo, Cuba Trade, ITTS Partner: Inland Rivers Ports and Terminals, Inc.

Number 4, March 2009 Newsletter. (pdf file - 1 mb)

Topics: Heartland Corridor, Incoterms, North Carolina Rail Plan, Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority / Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Council.

Number 3, February 2009 Newsletter. (pdf file - 257 kb)

Topics: Shifting Trade Routes Should Result in More Cargo through Regional Ports, Discretionary Cargo, Appalachian Regional Commission.


These newsletters were developed for LATTS 2

Number 1, December 2003 Newsletter. (pdf file - 1.6 mb)

Number 2, January 2004 Newsletter. (pdf file - 1.5 mb)


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