Related LATTS Activities and Presentations

FHWA– AASHTO Latin American Scan

While not a part of LATTS, a Latin American Scan was developed to look at freight issues in Latin America. The report was published by the Federal Highway Administration.

Final Report (pdf file - 7 mb)

PowerPoint presentation (pdf file - 7 mb )

LATTS2 Presentations

Gulf Rivers Intermodal Partnership (GRIP), Gulfport, MS. August 21, 2002 (pdf file - 791 kb )

Southern Resource Center Dec 2002 Presentation (pdf file - 2.6 mb )

Short Sea Shipping Conference New York City, November 12th, 2002 (pdf file - 1.4 mb)

Heartland Intermodal Meeting, May 2005 (pdf file - 622 kb)