LATTS 2 Briefing Materials

The success of the LATTS lead the Alliance States to do additional research on the implication of trade in the region. A series of Briefing papers were developed to outline the various information that may assist in helping states prepare for the increase infrastructure demands. Some of the corresponding presentations from LATTS2 as well as the FHWA-AASHTO Latin American scan are also available.

These briefing papers were developed after a number meetings with businesses and government officials. These papers were prepared in 2001, but the findings remain relevant for considering regional freight transportation considerations. These reports are posted here to provide additional information concerning improving freight operations in the alliance region. The following documents and reports are available in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) format:

Economic Development Opportunities Briefing Paper
(Pdf file - 971 kb)
The relationship between transportation infrastructure and economic development has much interest the past decade. The ability for supply chains to depend upon transportation infrastructure remains one method to spur economic development. Correspondingly, a lack of infrastructure may also serve to limit economic growth opportunities. Some of the key industries that will depend upon infrastructure and supply chain logistics in the region include Durable Manufacturing, and the service industries. Each business cluster has different economic and supply chain considerations that are critical for expanding or attracting business to the region.

Foreign Trade Zone Briefing Paper (Pdf file - 446 kb)
Foreign Trade zones allow companies to allow U.S. based operations to engage in international trade by reduced customs duties.  In 2001, the combined value of shipments into Alliance Region general purpose zones and subzones totaled $148.4 billion, representing 61.6 percent of the U.S. total. The report outlines some of the trends related to FTZ's, including linkages to transportation needs and trade policy and general statistics of FTZ's in the Alliance region.

Freight Investment Decision Principles Briefing Paper (Pdf file - 451 kb)
While Freight remains a vital component of economic growth and development, there lack of data and analytical tools serves to limit the effectiveness of planners to understand and the relationship of freight and infrastructure. The report outlines various studies being evaluated to assist planners in understanding freight related transportation needs, including benefit costs estimations for freight projects, travel time variability, estimating costs per mile, truck only lanes and modal diversion models. Most of these efforts outlined in this document have benefited from additional research and refinement since this report was published.

Finance Techniques and Strategies White Paper (Pdf file - 1.7 mb)
Concerns over the ability to meet current investment needs, coupled with additional needs related to international trade, is expected to over whelm the resources of most states to make the necessary improvement in infrastructure to accommodate predicted growth. Most of the items outlined in this paper will still require some work for legislation for states to utilize new mechanisms (either institutional or financial) for infrastructure development.

Railroad Connectors Briefing Paper (Pdf file - 1.1 mb )
By examining the main routes on the LATTS Strategic Rail network, the study developed a methodology to evaluate deficiencies related to rail connectors. The study developed a rail connectors database for the LATTS region, as well as surveyed key intermodal terminals concerning their perception of railroad connections to service their respective terminal. The study find roughly half of the terminals have access to one critical railroad connect. Thirty percent identified railroad access was not relevant for their current operations, while the remaining 20 percent believed rail access was important but were unable to justify spending private money for rail access.

Highway Connectors Briefing Paper (Pdf file - 477 kb )
While trade moves along the major gateways, the small local roads provide critical support to the movement of freight. These connectors to airports, terminals and ports, provide the access for moving freight onto the LATTS highway system. By surveying 115 connectors in the region, the study identified many connectors had deficiencies related to geometrics, pavement condition, and other features. These short roads, while generating system delay sand lost reliability, may ultimately limit regional potential economic opportunities.

Documenting Successes Briefing Paper (Pdf file - 796 kb) 
While the various briefing papers outlined strategies to encourage economic development through transportation, this briefing paper highlights some regional successes. In sum, the Alliance members identified successes in a number of categories, including increasing stakeholder/public awareness, expanding the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and other technological advances, integrating freight into the planning process, focusing on projects to increase throughput, identifying economic development benefits, and expanding the use of public-private partnerships

Transportation Infrastructure Financing Strategies Briefing Paper (Pdf file - 671 kb)
Given the associated needs for addressing regional infrastructure needs, the funding challenges associated with increased international trade. The study estimated that almost 19 billion dollars will be needed to facility growth from Latin American trade alone, over a fifth of the region's estimated needs by 2020. A variety of funding strategies are discussed including state motor fuel taxes, innovative financing and public private partnerships, and regional infrastructure development banks.