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These presentations are in two separate categories. The first is some presentations I have developed for people to use for their own format. Secondly, the other files are my presentations from various meetings.


1.Presentations For Various Meetings

As always, any comments or suggestions on these presentations are welcomed. The presentations are listed in order of presentation.


Presentation on the Mode Shift to waterways (September 2017)

The following speech was presented at the Smart Rivers Conference in Pittsburgh. The work is related to the research on containerized cargos/over dimensional loads moving along the nation's waterways.

Presentation on the 2017 Arkansas Transportation Planning Conference (April 2017)

The presentation provided some thoughts on the future of multistate freight, as well as an update on some of the work that ITTS has done for the member states, including the SHIFT, FEAT and Tableau work elements.

Presentation on the Panama Canal and its Implications for Mississippi (October 2016)

I spoke on a panel about the current Panama Canal expansion on its immediate effect on Mississippi Trade at the 2016 Mississippi Transportation Institute meeting. I focused on the fact the firms are still adapting to the third lock, and it will be some time for shipping patterns to fully adjust.

Presentation on the Promoting Inland Ports for Economic Development (October 2016)

At the Mississippi Water Resources Association 2016 Educational Conference, I provided a few thoughts on promoting inland navigation ports. Some of the statistics sited in this report were from the US Army Corps of Engineers Navigation Data Center.

Presentation on Freight Planning and ITTS work plan at WV Planning Conference (September 2016)

I outlined a few thoughts on the changing nature of freight, the evolution of federal interest in freight planning, some thoughts on freight planning, and how the current ITTS work plan seeks to address some of these planning needs for the member states.

Thoughts on Regional Freight Data Programs (August 2015)

The speech was made as part of the "Freight Movement" session at the Second Annual Florida Transportation Data Symposium. I spoke on trying to understand various details in a data set, including how the data is collected, by whom, and other details concerning the usefulness of the data set. (Some of these thoughts are also echoed through my webinar on understanding data research needs.) I finished with some thoughts on how regional activities should be linked to examining freight traffic.

Regional Prioritization of Freight Networks (February 2015)

The speech was prepared for the FHWA Talking Freight Series. This webinar discussed freight movement patterns within large-scale metropolitan areas and between adjacent or nearby metropolitan regions, and assessed infrastructure investment needs to address freight movement needs within and between those metropolitan areas. I talked about the integration of freight movements and their implications for freight planning.

Connecting the Panama Canal with Missouri (January 2015)

I participated in the 2015 Missouri Conference on Transportation, hosted by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce. My speech largely outlined the Panama Canal project, Missouri's relationship to global markets, and finally how an expanded Canal may benefit the region if carriers and shippers see the Canal as a viable option for their global supply chains.

Presentation on the Institutional Thoughts on Improving Marine Highways (January 2015)

This presentation was part of TRB Session 577, where the role of domestic shipping could play in the U.S. transportation system was considered. I focused on the institutional side of the equation, namely that we need to consider domestic shipping as an alternative for future transportation improvements, while many institutional barriers that exist at the moment. If interested in the topic, one should also refer to the recent NCFRP 32, Integrating MTS Commerce Data with Multimodal Freight Transportation Performance Measures to Support MTS Maintenance Investment Decision Making.


Presentation on Linking Inland Ports to Global Markets (October 2014)

This presentation for The United States Conference of Mayors Metro Ports and Exports Summit in Little Rock touched on understanding that global trends do influence local transportation decisions. However, both the public and private sectors should work jointly to support expanding trade through better understanding and prioritizing infrastructure investment needs.

Presentation on SASHTO on Regional Freight Corridors (August 2014)

The agenda is posted here, but my presentation was part of the session "Mapping out a National Freight Network: MAP-21 Freight Provisions". Robin Romeo (LADOTD) moderated the session which included Rich Biter (FDOT), Tom McQueen (GaDOT), and  Randy Guillot (Southeastern Motor Freight First Vice Chairman, American Trucking Association). Overall, my comments focused on the importance of freight corridors to the Southeast, including the role between Federal and State agencies concerning prioritizing corridor investment.

Presentation on Freight Planning and Performance Measures (May 2014)

This speech was presented at the Arkansas Transportation Research Committee Meeting and Engineering Conference in Little Rock. My presentation outlined what freight shipments are, followed by a few slides on the importance of freight to Arkansas (referring to statistics on the Arkansas page). Afterwards, I outlined a few thoughts on what a freight plan is and led a discussion regarding determining performance measures for national freight movements. I closed by discussing some of the challenges facing data users in conducting transportation studies.

Presentation on Freight and Economic Development, West Virginia Regional Planning & Development

Councils (May 2014)

This was a discussion on the importance of freight to the West Virginia economy, including comments on changing supply chains, transportation assets and some thoughts on engaging economic development with transportation. I used a lot of the statistics posted on the West Virginia page.

Presentation on Urban Freight at the KYOVA Interstate Planning Commission (May 2014)

This was an overall introduction to urban freight planning and logistics. The general outline was that urban freight involves many different types of modes and vehicles, which complicates the research area beyond simply looking at a finite study framework. These movements were linked to broad supply chains, which led to discussions aroundd potential partnerships with the private sector. After discussing some of the federal guidance on freight planning, I outlined thoughts on a broad, introductory freight plan template.

Presentation at the Logistics, Trade, and Transportation Symposium 2014 Theme: Southeastern Opportunities and Challenges (February 2014)

As a sponsoring organization, I was able to participate in the symposium at the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Park Campus. My presentation followed the usual discussion concerning why transportation is important, how it supports economic development, and why focusing on transportation investment remains a critical component of the region's future.

Presentation at the National Lt. Governors Meeting (November 2013)

I participated in a panel entitled “Is Your State Ready for A Historic Transformation of Transportation, Energy, & Agriculture?” I outlined the work on expanding the Panama Canal and discussed inbound containerized traffic patterns along with changing retail logistics activities. While not posted, you can read FMC Commissioner Doyle's comments here about the implications on LNG shipments.

Presentation at the America's Dream Conference (October 2013)

Outlining the difference between different types of freight movement in an urban setting, I discussed different strategies associated with improving urban freight movement.

Presentation at the AASHTO Annual Meeting on Regional Freight Planning (October 2013)

Using various slides from the ITTS member states, I spoke on the gaps between state planning and national planning, which outlined how states could work together to close some of these regional planning gaps.

Presentation at the Mississippi River Economy Summit in Memphis on the Mississippi River's Link to Global Trade and Economic Development (October 2013)

Starting on the lower river, I outlined cargo connectivity between international trade and inland markets, as well as discussed thoughts on economic development challenges in addressing business growth along the Mississippi River.

Presentation at the Gulf Intercoastal Canal Association Meeting in New Orleans on the Economics of Waterway Closures (August 2013)

Participating in a panel on the economics of waterway closures, I discussed the need to have better data and tools before the event occurs, which would make the analysis more useful in evaluating system responses.

Presentation at the AASHTO-FHWA Freight Partnership meeting on Freight Data and MAP-21 (August 2013)

On a panel with Bill Gardner from Minnesota and Ernie Perry from MidAmerica Fright Coalition, my presentation focused on defining freight planning and how it communicated to various stakeholders in light of MAP-21 freight provisions.

Presentation at the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department Transportation Research Committee Meeting (May 2013)

I made two presentations: one at the breakout session and the other at the general session. They should be considered as two parts of the same presentation on the need to look at infrastructure and freight planning in Arkansas.

Presentation on Commodity Flows for the Inland River Ports and Terminals (IRPT) Annual Meeting (March 2013)

Using premise that waterways are engaged in support of the transportation of energy, energy used for electricity (coal), transportation (petroleum) or food (soybeans, corn and ethanol), I discussed trends in these industries and expressed thoughts on global markets over the next 30 years. Finally, I outlined how waterways can remain viable for supporting exports for these cargos.

Presentation on Trends in Transportation for the Delta Regional Authority's Delta Leadership Institute (February 2013)

Focusing on trends on economics, globalization and transportation, the discussion outlined how to leverage local investments to potentially support economic growth.

Presentation on the Possible Implication of the Panama Canal Expansion on the Mississippi River (February 2013)

The presentation, sponsored by the New Orleans Board of Trade, discussed the Panama Canal. The other speakers were Gary LaGrange, Port of New Orleans, and John Hyatt, of , the Irwin Brown Company. My speech discussed the following questions: Why expand the canal? What is the importance of trade to Louisiana? Does the Canal change North American traffic markets? What can the region do to prepare the region to attract more cargo?

Presentation on Prioritizing Region Freight Networks (February 2013).

Speaking at the LTRC Conference, I outlined the importance of considering the" why" of freight movement, as well as answering the question - what is a freight corridor? Some thoughts on how MAP-21 encourages more consideration of freight issues, was followed by a discussion on the regional integration of the states that highlights that planning for freight should not be done in isolation.

Presentation on Waterway Benefit Cost Analysis and Its Thoughts on Broader Multimodal Studies (January 2013)

This presentation was presented at "TRB Session 522: Benefit Cost Analysis for Freight Projects: Moving Theory into Practice".  My presentation focused on Corps BCA and contributed thoughts on multimodal analysis, based on my experiences at the Corps.

Presentation on Waterways the Kentuckians for Better Transportation (January 2013)

This presentation discussed trends in worldwide global domestic waterway usage, waterways and supply chains, inland waterways in Kentucky, and offered thoughts on positioning waterways to be more competitive in the future.

Presentation for the University of Wisconsin on the Mississippi River (November 2012)

This is a webinar I prepared to present to a University of Wisconsin class on the value and operations of the Mississippi River. The presentation contains some basic information on the river, its volume and importance to both the State of Louisiana and the nation.

Presentation on Regional Planning at the AASHTO Annual Meeting (November 2012).

This is a general presentation about the history of ITTS and some issues related to multistate corridor planning.

Presentation at the Mississippi Water Resources Association Meeting (November 2012)

Spoke on the importance of understanding the economic contribution of waterways and maritime transportation to the State of Mississippi. The presentation also finished with some comments on economic development, including how to partner with public and private sector partners to encourage economic growth. (You can see more about the meeting here.)

Presentation at the International Propeller Club Meeting in New Orleans (October 2012)

With a focus on maritime, I discussed the demand for transportation and freight in the US Economy, as well as thinking about the importance of the maritime transportation to the US economy. You can look at the Propeller Club's agenda here.

Presentation at the West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce (September 2012)

This presentation focused on logistics, economic development, and some thoughts on public private partnerships, including logistics councils, to understand and straighten a region's competitive position by understanding logistics and shipment patterns.

Presentation at Baton Rouge Capital Region Planning Commission (September 2012)

The presentation built upon my earlier presentation to the Freight Committee, focusing on the broad trends of energy/biofuels, the example of the auto industry and changing logistics/transportation geography, the Panama Canal, and finally, the role of logistics and transportation in Louisiana's economy. (Many of these slides are available at here. You can read more about work of the Planning Commission at

Presentation on Regional Freight Issues - SASHTO Meeting (August 2012)

This presentation outlines comparisons between the U.S. and Southeast for manufacturing and logistics, followed by a discussion on how industries depend upon jurisdictional networks, and finally some thoughts on integrating networks in the Southeast. You can visit the SASHTO site here.

Presentation at Southeast Diesel Collaborative Workshop (August 2012)

I discussed, briefly, the challenges of looking at environmental issues related to freight planning in the context of other needs. I also outline the freight in the Southeast, followed by the difficulties of balancing environmental issues when considering freight planning of large corridors. You can visit the SEDC website.

Presentation at the Baton Rouge MPO Freight Committee (June 2012)

I discussed how we normally do not provide context when we discuss freight shipments to nontechnical audiences, changing international markets, the importance of freight to the Louisiana economy, and some thoughts on how to think about linking transportation into a broader economic development strategy.

Presentation in Arkansas (June 2012)

This presentation was based on a three hour briefing as both a discussion on freight logistics but also as an introduction to ITTS. The topics ranged from trends in freight logistics, Arkansas freight shipments, The Panama Canal, economic development and the ITTS Work plan. (You can download the powerpoint version here (37 megs!).

Presentation at Global Appalachia meeting in Memphis(June 2012)

I spoke on a panel with Mark Burton about the need to link inland markets to coastal markets. Mark focused on the role of railroads, while I focused on intermodal connectivity, institutional partnerships and trends in markets. Since I was in Memphis, I referenced three Memphis Musicians: Ike Turner, Elvis Presley, and Carl Perkins. Ike Turner, with Rocket88, focused on wanting to go somewhere, Elvis Presley, with "Love Me Tender", on how everyone wants to be "loved" for a project to advance, and finally, Carl Perkins, with the opening of Blue Suede Shoes, basically, you got to start moving to make things happen!

Presentation in FHWA West Virginia Freight Forum (May 2012)

The title of the Speech was "Freight Planning in Tough Times", and I focused on some of the institutional issues involved in freight planning, as well as some recent economic trends that may shape West Virginia's freight system.

Presentation at AASTHO Spring Meeting (May 2012)

While a shorter presentation, the discussion centered on considering freight shipments in a regional framework, and not one that is tied to traditional state boundaries. The discussion also include a chart on what type of regional efforts may be needed, as well as the research questions that should be posed to regional freight planning organizations.

South Carolina Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Conference (This is a PowerPoint slide)PDF is here. (March 2012)

This presentation, the first presentation at the Second SC TDL meeting, outlined how changing markets may influence freight movements, but also discussions on freight shipments and economic growth, with some thoughts on public and private visioning on freight studies.

Future Challenges and Opportunities (February 2012)

This presentation, made at the Transportation for Mississippi’s Sustainable Economic Growth Symposium followed a basic outline: freight is important to the State of Mississippi, transportation supports economic development, and finally, the challenge associated with changing the perception of transportation at a local level.

Domestic Goods Movement: What Does It Look Like, What Is Moving, and Where Is It Going? (January 2012)

TRB Freight Day Presentation presentation on considering domestic freight. The PowerPoint discusses how we tend to not think about domestic freight when we talk freight projects.

Thoughts on the Role of Ports at the International Association of Maritime Economics meeting (October 2011).

We were asked to talk about how changing geography will change the role of ports, and their ability to respond. Here were the seed questions: 1) Where do you see the changing geography of trade impacting on the type and flows of international trade in goods? 2) What does this mean for the “hinterlands” and demands placed on seaports? 3) And - last but not least - How can and should ports react? Perhaps you have good or bad examples of how Ports gained or lost business in view of the new demands? You can see how well I did or did not answer the question...

Dr. Jason Monios presented the "The Heartland Corridor: using public private partnerships to transform institutional settings", based on work we did in the aftermath of the ITTS heartland intermodal tour in 2010. Jason uses way more text than I do, so you can actually read this one and get a good overview of our paper.

Presentations at the AASHTO Annual Meeting and the various meetings in Detroit (October 2011):

Regional Planning and ITTS - focusing on the broader multistate nature of freight movements, and the need to coordinate research and planning activities. Funny, a lot of the material that I found out was recently published in NCFRP:  Multi-State Freight Transportation Organizations  

Trade with Mexico and Kentucky - A lot of slides on how Kentucky and Mexico are trading partners, using a lot of the materials already available on the Kentucky State slides.

Thoughts on the Panama Canal - a slightly different take on my normal Panama Canal presentation, focusing instead on the great unknowns facing the ability of the Panama Canal and Eastern Ports to grab large chunks of market share from the West Coast ports.


Freight issues in West Virginia (September 2011)

The following presentation focuses more on the role of transportation markets, both domestic and global, and the importance of linking freight transportation to the broader comment: Transportation Agencies are the primary long term strategic economic drivers for their regions. (Click here to get more info on the conference).

Freight Transportation & the Panama Canal (August 2011)

The following presentation was made at the SASHTO annual meeting in Kentucky. After providing an overview of the canal, including vessel dimensions, etc., I focused on trade with Kentucky, and provided some thoughts linking freight opportunities with new markets.

TRB Summer Meeting 2011- Observations on Gateways and Hinterlands

Again, speaking with two other panelists on the need to link gateways and hinterlands. I argue that the export discussion, which is largely driving the discussion on dryports in the U.S. is not necessarily understood by local decision makers, including any network effects.

AAPA's Communicating the Importance of Infrastructure Investment (June 2011)  

I challenged the audience concerning how we do not necessarily communicate the value of gateways very well, as we tend to focus on gateways from the perspective of the port, and not necessarily the region. (I even used the Story of the Giving Tree, which I discussed here.) I also used some of the State Summary information from Georgia. You can access the agenda here.

Western Dredging Association Meeting (WEDA 31 and TAMU 42) June 7

During the session, we were challenged to think about “if you were King for the day”, how would you change the dredging industry.  I stressed that simply telling people that navigation is important to the region is critical.  For example, I used Tennessee as one example, where 37% of the state’s exports will leave the country through a port.  These gateway flows are critical to highlight when discussing the need to link dredging to specific markets. For more information on the conference, please visit

My presentation at the Arkansas Planning Conference (May 18-19)

I outlined how we normally do not consider freight planning, and its importance to the State's economy. After a short discussion on the Panama Canal and trade patterns, I discussed general freight statistics for Arkansas. Furthermore, I discussed the changing budget profile in Arkansas will complicate future infrastructure investment. You can see the full agenda here.

My presentation at the 2011 Midwest Regional Panama Canal Conference, Shifting International Trade Routes --Examining The Impact Of The Panama Canal Expansion On The Midwest Region (KY, TN, MO, IL, IN, and OH) (May 11-12, 2011). As I was following Mr. Sabonge from the Panama Canal Authority, I focused more on Kentucky's regional trade patterns, as well as on some thoughts on strengthening Kentucky's exports into the global economy.

Presentations at the ITED meeting in Charleston, WV (May 2, 2011). I had two presentations at the conference: Biofuels and the Auto Industry in the Southeast. Both of these topics were discussed during the First Freight in the Southeast Conference. You can read about the other conference materials on my blog and at the ITED Conference website.


Presentation at the TRB on Marine Highway Projects (January 2011)

This presentation focuses more on the broader policy questions about the Marine Highways, and the various challenges necessary to make these projects work through working with public agencies. Really more of a policy think piece, I do develop the perfect waterway slide (in deference to David Allan Coe's "You never even call me by my name".)

Presentation at the US Committee on the Marine Transportation System (November 2010)

I (with Jim McCarville from the Port of Pittsburgh) presented some of the key elements from PIANC Report 111-2010 (Performance Indicators for Inland Waterways Transport, User Guideline). Given the importance of considering the use of performance measures for policy considerations, the work provides a simple outline on how to gross indicators for freight logistics. You can order the magazine from PIANC.


Presentation at the America's 2020 Conference (November 2010)

The speech lead out some of my basic thoughts on the linking trade, transportation and economic development. The basic outline of the speech was that corridors matter, but that they have to be linked to local activities committed to developing trade along the corridor. Using a comparison of the race, I discussed how we are all battling to win, but ultimately, the ability to win "i.e., drive business to and for your local area" depends upon how effective one is regarding transferring your enthusiasm to others. You can read my thoughts on the conference on the ITTS blog but you can also see more about the conference by visiting the Southern Legislative Conference website.


Presentation at the DRYPORTS Conference hosted by Transportation Research Institute, Napier Edinburgh University, South East of Scotland Transport Partnership (October 2010). A fuller write up about the conference is posted on the ITTS blog.


Presentation for the Panama Canal Expansion at the 84th Annual International Propeller Club Convention, (

If there is one takeaway from this presentation, is that the Southeast will benefit from an expanded Canal. This may not necessarily be an immediate flood of trade once the third lock opens, but trade will move through the Canal. The region also has to work on promoting trade not only with Asia, but the rest of the world, and the discussions about the Canal have certainly contributed to a discussion on the future of the region's gateways.


Thoughts on the Future of the Inland Waterway System, Presentation at the Arkansas Governor's Conference on Waterborne Transportation (October 2010)

The conference (for more information visit, I spoke about the message regarding waterways. I identified three main audiences for waterway information: shippers, planners, and politicians. There are ways to improve the perception of waterways, of which I mention the PIANC WG report and Smartrivers.

Freight Corridors: Changes and Challenges. Presentation at MSWTC Intermodal Transportation Conference

This was the first Intermodal Transportation Conference hosted by the World Trade Center. (The agenda is posted here.) I discussed how Mississippi is in the Global Economy, and followed this with a discussion on corridors, especially after traversing through the Heartland Corridor. When comparing this to the other speakers, clearly the focus on partnerships and relationships was echoed not only by myself, but by every other presenter.

Presentation at the SASHTO Annual Meeting- Freight in the Southeast (August 2010)

My presentation on Railroads at the SASHTO annual meeting. (The other speakers were Gene Conti, Secretary, North Carolina Department of Transportation, and Paul Nissenbaum, Director, Office of Passenger and Freight Programs). The discussion highlighted the importance of freight railroads to the U.S. and Arkansas, thoughts on the importance of freight rail projects, and specifically a discussion on what opportunities exist for the Southeast.

Presentation at the AASHTO Standing Committee on Water Transportation - Mobile Alabama (August 2010)

Using the Hank Williams Song, "Why don't you love me like you used to do" (Link to the song) I mentioned how America has come to under-appreciate the waterways. The US still moves more on its waterways than any other region or country, but we have been unable to adequately fund waterways because of conflicting priorities. I finish with the story that waterways are pearls, and when pearls are strung together (i.e., corridors or waterways) they create a value beyond their individual worth.

Presentation at TRB Summer Meeting: PIANC Incom32 - Manual on Performance Indicators for Inland Waterways Transport (July 2010 pdf - 595 kb)

PIANC Inland Navigation Committee (InCom) has been working on a Manual about the comparative performance measures of inland navigation. The presentation provides some of the highlights of the report, which should be released soon.

This was a part of a longer session on performance measures for waterways. You can also view all the TRB conference slides at

Presentation at TRB:Toward Better Freight Transportation Data, A Research Road Map, May 19-20, 2010 (pdf file - 816 kb)

This presentation was part of a panel on freight data and performance measures. The presentation discussed the importance of data, the scope of performance measures, and challenges for implementing this measures. The overall conference materials is available at

Presentation at Informa's Roundtable Meeting, May 6, 2010 (pdf file - 950 kb)

This presentation was for Informa's Roundtable meeting at the Port of New Orleans. The presentation discussed globalization, trends in trade and transportation the Southeast, and thoughts on the need for reinvestment in transportation.

Presentation at the Inland River, Ports, Terminals Annual Meeting April 2010 (pdf file - 3.7 mb)

This presentation was on the role of port marketing, both to potential customers, but also to local groups who will be critical to any project support. Discussed some items related to infrastructure policy needs also.

Presentation at the Inland River, Ports, Terminals Annual Meeting April 2010 (pdf file - 3.7 mb)

This presentation was on the role of port marketing, both to potential customers, but also to local groups who will be critical to any project support. Discussed some items related to infrastructure policy needs also.

Presentation at the American Planning Association Meeting April 2010 (pdf file -2.1 mb)

This presentation, part of a panel on Sustainable Freight Movement in Metropolitan
Areas, focusing on issues related to the use of maritime for sustainable freight and port development challenges.

Presentation at the Alabama Freight Conference February 2010 (pdf file - 6 mb)

This presentation discussed how changes in different markets were influencing future transportation, with a focus on Alabama in the global economy. The presentation also discussed some thoughts on how the State should proceed concerning improving freight projects. This is the template of the greater set of slides that I am developing for each state on various topics.

Presentation at TRB Annual Meeting January 2010 (pdf file - 2 mb)

Entitled "Gulf Port Reinvestment and Strategy for the Future", the presentation was at a TRB panel on port issues. While the presentation does discuss the Panama Canal, it also includes other topics related to port development in the region.

Presentation at the Waterways Council Inc October 2009 (pdf file - 1.2 mb)

Entitled "The Importance of Maintaining Navigation Channels and the Impact of Closures", the presentation discussed the need to improve system reliability, and how the work on understanding the true economic relationships of the waterways will be critical to seeking support for improving system performance.

Link to Webinar on the Panama Canal for the Journal of Commerce Nov 2009

I participated in a webinar with Jimmy Lyons ( Alabama State Port Authority) and Rodolfo Sabonge (Panama Canal Authority) on the implications of the Panama Canal, with a focus on the Southeastern U.S.

Link to Webinar on the Panama Canal for the FHWA Talking Freight Series October 2009

I participated in a webinar with Richard Waino (Tampa Port Authority) and Rodolfo Sabonge (Panama Canal Authority) on the implications of the Panama Canal, with a focus on the Southeastern U.S.

Smartrivers Presentation Sept 2009 (pdf file - 1 mb)

ITTS has participated in the last three Smartrivers events, and this presentation, entitled "Challenges Facing Transforming Inland Ports into Integrated Transportation Centers", discussed how ports should be included as serving as regional economic drivers, including some highlights from my co-authors (Patrick Donovan, West Virginia Public Port Authority, Lynn Soporowski, PE, Kentucky Cabinet of Transportation, and Mike Tagert, Tenn-Tom Waterway Council). The paper also discusses challenges related to making ports into integrated logistics centers.

Presentation on U.S. Port Planning October 2009 (pdf file - 1.3 mb)

ITTS participated in the ECLAC Expert Meeting on Port Planning in Panama. This presentation was part of the country panel discussion on how national port planning is done. As in the presentation, there is not much of a national port strategy.

Presentation on the Panama Canal for the Journal of Commerce Canadian Maritime Sept 2009 (pdf file - 9 mb)

I presented this at JOC Canadian Maritime Meeting. It represents my first thoughts on the Panama Canal expansion. Additional work will be undertaken in the future on the implications of the Canal on the Southeast.

Presentation on the Panama Canal By Rodolfo Sabonge September 2009 (pdf file - 20 mb)

Mr. Sabonge presented this presentation to the Tenn-Tom Panama Mission group. Very good information on the current thinking about the Canal in world markets and its expansion program.

Presentations at the SASHTO Session on International Trade during the ITTS Session. August 2009

Ken Eriksen
Senior Transportation Analyst
Informa Economics, Inc.
“Macroeconomic overview in the U.S. – Trends Shaping Transportation Services” (pdf - 1 mb)

Adam Bruns
Managing Editor
Site Selection Magazine
“Foreign Direct Investment in the Southeast- Transforming the Region” (pdf - 5 mb)

Robert Skinner
Executive Director
Transportation Research Board

"Freight Studies and Research at TRB" (pdf - 100 kb)

ITTS Presentation for the Tenn-Tom Development Opportunities Conference August 2009 (pdf file - 2 mb)

This presentation discussed some general thoughts on the transportation and the globalization of the Tenn-Tom region (foreign direct investment and trade). The presentation ended with some thoughts on the region's positioning for economic recovery.       

ITTS Presentation on Green Transportation May 2009 (pdf file - 5 mb)

This presentation was prepared for a Ph.D. course on Green Economic Development at Southern Mississippi. The focus was to provide an overview related to freight transportation, the environment and economic development. The presentation outline is as follows: freight transportation, congestion, the relationship of the environment to transportation, and some closing thoughts on transportation and economic development balanced against environmental pressures.

Presentation on Performance Measures for Maritime Trade May 2009 (pdf file - 2.3 mb)

Entitled "Port Statistics and Performance Measures", the presentation was for the International Maritime Statistical Forum. The paper outlined maritime trade statistics, and the relationship of performance measures to these statistics, followed by a discussion on changing technologies and potential barriers to implementing performance measures for national public port decisions.

ITTS Advisory Council Presentation At Huntington, April 2009 (pdf file - 10 mb)

This was an overview of the current work efforts on ITTS for its advisory council members at the AASHTO meeting in Huntington, West Virginia. The overview discussed the history of ITTS, as well as thoughts on regional markets and international trade, and transportation planning and policy needs.


LSU MBA Course - Focus on Gulf Coast- China Trade April 2009 (pdf file - 11 mb)

This presentation was an overview of the freight transportation and economic markets, with an emphasis on Louisiana Trade with China for an MBA course.

Presentation at TRB Annual Meeting on Transportation Planning and Weather, Jan 2009 (pdf file -310 kb)

This presentation was for Session 485 at the TRB annual meeting. The discussion was on evaluating the economic and environmental impacts on rail, air, and water transportation systems as a result of major weather events.

National Waterways Council - Thoughts on Waterway Infrastructure - Nov 2008 (pdf file - 900 kb)

This presentation was presented at the National Waterways Council meeting in New Orleans. The focus was on multimodal transportation policy and the gaps in funding and research needed to improve waterway operations.

General Transportation Presentation to LSU undergraduate course Spring 2008 (pdf file - 2.5 mb)

General Transportation Presentation to LSU undergraduate course Spring 2009 (pdf file - 2.8 mb)